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Jon Alderson Press Day 7/2/14

Legs are destroyed from Monday’s squats. I’m not a zombie.. I just walk like one!

Dealing with the change in programming due to this injury but making the best of it. It’s helping me focus on my weak points. (Bench/Squat) Since I am trying to take over the Strongman/Powerlifting world this time will be beneficial.

135 2×5
325 4×3

Speed Viper Log Press
145 5×3

Strict Log Press

Tri Set
Rear Delt raises 3×15
Dips 25x15x15
Plate Raises x15 x12 x12

I want a 405 bench almost as bad as I want that 600 squat. Set your goals and crush them #thealdersonway

Jon Alderson 6/30/14 Squat Session

For those of you that haven’t heard I’m dealing with pretty serious finger injury. After several Dr visits and now therapy I finally have a game plan! Not gonna lie a tear was shed when I realized I will not be able to deadlift until the rom/strength is restored in my finger. That being said I am finally learning to squat!!

Safety Squat Bar (SSB) Speed 8×2 345
Supersetted w
Vertical Jumps 8×3

SSB Paused Squats (2 second pause) 3×5 345

SSB Chain Lunges 2×10

This could quite possibly be the worst exercise ever invented. Our chains are only after 3.5ft long so they never touch the ground during the exercise. As you alternate legs the momentum of the chains requires you to fire every muscle in the body to stay in position. Nothing destroys you like these!!


I will be putting more emphasises on my squat since I cannot pull or do any grip events at the moment. So 600.. Here we come!!!

Stone Lifting to Build a Superior Posterior

Strongman Clay's Strength And Conditioning

Even if your name isn’t Magnus and you don’t have any plans to make a run at the top of the World’s Strongest Man podium, you can still reap the benefits of practicing the penultimate strongman event – the atlas stones.

The origins of lifting a stone for sport come from modest beginnings in different parts of the world, but our knowledge of their history comes from primarily Spain, Scotland, and Ireland. Irish countrysides were littered with stones of different sizes, making it impossible to properly farm the land. In order to grow food, farmers would have to move all the stones by hand. These stones were often moved to the outer edges of the property lines where they were neatly arranged into small walls, separating their neighbor’s parcel from their own.

Some of these larger stones made their way into the landscaping surrounding the farmer’s home as decoration. They…

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5/15 Bench


Overall today was a good day for the blood sugars and training. My blood sugars stayed between 85-138. The CGM has made things a lot easier despite feeling like a robot with two different devices inserted into me. I increased my carb intake and it paid off in feeling more energized and stronger.


1. Close grip bench-5, 5, 5 plus-175, 205, 245×9

2. DB shoulder press-3×15-40s

3A. DB incline press-3×15-50s

3B. DB incline rows-3×15-40s

4. Hammer Curls-3×15-25s

5A. Band pull aparts-3×20-mini

5B. Band push downs-3×50-mini

The kids were in the garage with me this evening. They took some sets on the bench, but mostly rode bikes. It would be nice to have some people to train with, but having my kids with me is better.

NVSM wk2 Day3-

So this morning I got up late…. really late…..40min late.  As a result, I was about 20min late to the morning class that I coach (I coach the Crossfits on the side, my main job is a desk job).  Luckily, the clients were still there waiting for me and after about 1.5million apologies, I told them I would do burpees as my penance… they said I should do 45, but I did 50 to show my sincerity…. I’m totally Crossfit now….. After class, I got my trainz on- OH accy.


Close Grip Bench

45×10,  95x2x5reps,  135×5,  165×5,  195×1,  215×1,  235×1,  245×1

255×1 ->easy, used only as an over warm up



1 Arm Adjustable DB Strict Press with Fat Grips

45x2x8reps/arm, 50×8/arm


A1 Incline DB Press 5×10

A2 Incline DB Row 5×10


4rnds 1min ON/1min OFF:  140 Log Pressx5 + OH Walk

This wasn’t programmed, but after watching the vid that Strong Fit posted about Strongman Conditioning, I thought it would be fun to try.  I highly underestimated this complex and, by the last set, I could not hold the log OH for very long.  Next time I try this, I will use a lighter weight.  Shoulders and upper back got fried.

Cool Down: 5min row + Banded distraction Stretching.

New train vidz are up on the Tubez.

American Strongman Radio Episode 5: Maya Winters!

American Strongman Radio Episode 5 is now Live. Some strength athletes condition their bodies into adoring physical specimens worthy of artistic reproduction. Tonight’s guest not only has created an amazing strength physique, but she can paint them and teach others how to paint them as well. Professor Maya Camille Winters, the 2012 NAS Middleweight National Champion and the 2013 & 14 Arnold Strongwoman runner up is our guest. Kalle and Bryan talk with Maya about strongwoman, her recent venture into Crossfit and her addiction to cats! OK,, maybe not an addiction… ! Please subscribe to us on Itunes and give a 5 star rating! and Share our show with your friends 🙂

5/14/14 Jess – Week 2 Day 2











I took a long time warming up (socializing). My right hip is tight so hopefully the squatting helped unfrick it.

In case you missed it: My log press 145×4 & Overhead medley x2


1. Deficit Deadlift (2”) 80%  6×3

– 245# – First four sets at deficit, then the last two I went back to the floor because my lower back was feeling tight and I wanted to ensure that I’m engaging my hamstrings.

2. Paused Front Squat 60/70/80%x3 2 count

– 135/155/175 – These actually felt good and strong.

3. Stiff leg deadlifts 4×6

– 140#  small 5# jump from last week…

4. Stone trainer 3×8

– 70# forgot to take a pic

5. GHR 2×8

– no band!

6. planks 2×60


Was a little short on carbs so I had half of a dark choc/speculoos bar. OMG.


5/13 Squats


Diabetes wise I had a great day. My control is best on low carb. The problem with low carb is that I have low energy for training. I am constantly trying to find what works best for overall blood sugar health and best return for training. There seems to be so many ideas and options. This can be pretty confusing.


front squats 3×5 with a pause-205, 245, 275

tire flips 2x80ft- I have a smaller tire that weighs between 200-300 pounds. I need to get something a bit heavier.

Olympic squats 3×5-295

weigthed plank holds 3×60 seconds-60

Today was quick and I was lucky to have my 4 year old in the garage with me today. It’s fun with her because we play air guitar and play.

5/13/14 New Strongman Gyms added to the Strongman gym directory

Shop Now Rogue Fitness

 Hurricane Fitness
Website or facebook:
equipment : Yoke, Atlas Stones, Log, Farmers Walk Impements, Sand Bags, Squat Racks, GHD, Free Weights, Plates, Deadlift Platform, Benches, Sled, Battle Ropes
Location: 157 E. Main St N. Rapid City, SD

Spartan Strength @ Tyger River Crossfit
Website or facebook:
equipment : Log, Stones from 200-345#, axles & axle DB’s, trap bar, frame, farmers handles, yoke, sandbags, sleds, tires, kegs, elevated deadlift platform, metal plates up to 100#, and a full crossfit gym of equipment/weights.
Location: 255 Inglesby Parkway, Duncan, South Carolina 29334

Crossfit Fayetteville/NWA Barbell
Website or facebook:
equipment : Barbells & lots o’ weights, Farmers handles, Axle Bar, Yoke, Stones, Tire(s), Log, Sled, Racks, Pullup bars, Dumbbells.
Location: 2716 South School Ave. Fayetteville, AR, 72701

Coco’s Gym
Website or facebook:
equipment : Side load and top load farmers handles
Atlas stones, 50, 75, 82.5, 109, 120, 140 kilograms
Atlas stone loading platform 5 levels from 1 meter up to 1.7 metres.
Log, (30kg bare)
Axle, (15kg bare)
Yoke (105kg bare)
Kegs 15, 35, 45, 55, 65, 80kg
Sandbag, 65kg
320kgs of chains

Regular Gym equipment, squat rack, power cage with torsonators, shoulder press machine, leg extension, leg curl, smith machine, Glute Ham Raise etc…, Cardio machines.

500kg of bumper plates
1000kg of regular olympic size plates for plate loaded machines
Kettlebells up to 32kg

Axle, as mentioned above. 2 Texas power bars, Fat Bar, Eleiko powerlifting bar, 4 SMAI olympic weightlifting bars
Location: 2/6 Strathaird Road, Bundall, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 4215

CrossFit TUFF
Website or facebook:
equipment : We are a fully outfitted strength training facility, there isn’t much we don’t have. Equipment includes all of the below and more:

Standards steel plates, powerlifting bars

Heavy duty lat pulldown/row

Bumper plates and oly bars

Dumbbells up to 120lbs

Heavy and procomp style kettlebells

2 full size safety squat cages with band attachments

Catalyst jerk boxes and squat stands

48ft Sorninex rig with standard and fat bar pullup bars

50 feet of turf with multiple sleds

Tires ranging from 200-1200 lbs

Atlas Stones ranging from 30-400lbs with full size stone platforms

Men and women’s Steel Logs

Competition sized Conan’s wheel

Competition sized Viking Press

Car deadlift

Farmers handles, training and steel tank style

Frame carry apparatus

Fat handled loadable dumbbell

Various sizes of kegs

Various sizes of sandbags

Rolling thunder and several other grip tools

Battle ropes


Harnesses and ropes for vehicle pulling

Multiple variations of medicine balls and slamballs, light to heavy

Climbing ropes

Gymnastic rings and dip stations

XT Suspension trainers
Location: Nashua, NH

Strength Discovery
Website or facebook:
equipment : Power racks
10+ olympic bars
Football Bar
Safety Squat bar
Pull up stations
3 logs
Stones for overhead pressing
CoC Grippers
Rehabilitation equipment
Inversion table
Location: Revere, MA


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NSM Wk2 Day2

I haven’t had time to upload recent training vids; hopefully I can do it tonight.  In the meantime, feel free to stalk my youtubez HERE.









340×1 -> added Belt

365×1 ->Easy, used as an over warm up for the working sets

325x3x5 (1st set = beltless, added belt for sets 2/3)


50′ Farmer’s walk #240/hand 5min EMOM

I have never done a Farmer’s EMOM before- it was fun.  Got me sucking a little wind, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.


A1 Plank

A2 2″ Deficit Stiff Legged Deads 275×8, 325x2x8reps


Trained to some Tool today.

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