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North Carolina


Lynn Morehouse
1513 Bass Lake Rd
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Iron Pit Gym

Website or facebook:
equipment : Speciality bars (SSB, cambered bar, neutral bar, bamboo bar), bands, chains, monolift.

10″ log, yoke, farmers, sleds, prowlers, sandbags, tires, occasionally has stones and kegs

Reverse Hyper, GHR, racks, etc
Location: 1220 Copeland Oaks Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560

Rat Warrior Gym

Thomasville NC;

Brandon Lambeth (

Morehouse Manor
Holly Springs, NC

Lynn Morehouse

Raleigh Barbell
Website or facebook:!/Teamraleighbarbell
equipment : (1)EFS Collegiate Squat Rack with monkey chin bar setup
(1)Traditional Squat rack
EFS Competition Bench
EFS Low Back Raise
York Barbell GHR
Westside Reverse Hyper
Troy Interlocking Plates
100lb York Plates
TX Squat, Deadlift, and Power Bars
EFS SSB, Spider Bar, Cambered Bar
Buffalo Bar, Football Bar, Trap Bar
IronMind Axle Bar
Full DB set and benches
Kettle Bells
Forearm Strengethning tools
Complete set of Hand Grippers
Every band EFS sells (2 full sets)
SPUD safety straps, chain holders, etc
~10 Mark Bell Slingshots, Hip Circles, etc
Assortment of Belts, dip belts, neck harnesses
Fat Grips and FG Extremes
Other misc strength tools
Location: Downtown Raleigh, NC

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