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Starting Strongman

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To Submit a gym PLEASE use the contact form below NOT posting a comment

This page will be dedicated to sharing information to people that are interested in getting into strongman but don’t know exactly how. It is a daunted task and there is very little information out there. Stay tuned as this is still in progress

  1. Mike Coutu permalink

    Another strongman gym (has everything else too)
    Metroflex Fort Worth
    5501 Thelin Street
    Fort Worth, Texas 76115
    We have car deadlift, stones, Husafell stone, axle, farmers walk, yoke, etc. We also have everything needed for powerlifting, bodybuilding, etc. You can checkout the tour at

  2. joshua desmond permalink

    Saw that you were compiling a list of strongman gyms in the us. I wanted to highlight crossfit manassas/vanguard gym. While I am the only strongman there right now, we have the equipment, space, and desire to expand so would like to be included on the list.

  3. Tyler permalink

    Eagle’s Gym in St. Louis. They got all the good stuff. -Tyler

  4. OK Strength
    Luke Tirey – 405.306.1892
    14416 N Lincoln, Edmond Oklahoma 73012

    We have stones, log, platforms, chains, yoke, various farmer’s handles, tires up to 700lb, sleds, prowlers, specialty bars, indoor turf.

  5. JasonMontoya permalink

    Are there any strongman gyms insouth Florida

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