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Sarah Jamieson
17939 E. Cornell Dr.
Aurora CO 80013
Phone: 720-470-2893
Colorado’s Pro Gym

1961 S. Havana St. Aurora, CO 80014


720-434-6231 or 303-671-9586

Northside Barbell
Website or facebook:
equipment : We don’t have a ton of sport specific stuff….yet, but we have all the basics!  Once we have enough interest for particular sports, we will help facilitate the sport by adding the appropriate equipment.  We are Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman & Highland Athletic friendly!  If it helps you in becoming an unstoppable beast, we’ll let you do it!
Location: 418 8th Street SE Loveland, CO 80537

Iron Horse Performance Optimization Gym (TAP gym)
Website or facebook:
equipment : 10-Olympic Platforms, 10-Custom Power Racks complete with technique trays and other goodies, 10-Free Motion Dual Cable Cross Machines, 3-Complete sets of Dumbbells going up to 150 lb, 11-Atlas Stones, 11-Ironmind/Brute force Sandbags, 1-10″ Log, 2-Yokes, 4-Sleds, Kettlebells, Climbing Ropes, Electronic Timers, 8-Sand-filled kegs, 1-Solid Axle bar with knurling, 3-Ironmind Axle bars w/o knurling (with tires for the axle bars), Farmers Walk Bars, Hot Tub, 2- Jacob’s Ladders, 3-Concept Rowers, Large TRX station, Beasty Sound System, Safety Squat bars, 10- Mega Hex Bars, A Crap-ton of Bumper Plates, Power Bands, Chains, Hammer Jammers, 1- Physical Therapist, 2- Athletic Trainers, 2- Freakin’ fantastic Strength Coaches, A Lot of MoJo!
Location: Colorado Springs (Fort Carson Army Base)

 Iron Warrior Gym
Website or facebook:;
equipment : EliteFts equipment (adjustable atlas stone platform, collegiate rack, prowler, deluxe bench, etc); Iron Mind Pulling Harness; yoke, atlas stones, farmer carry handles, battle ropes, monolift, numerous specialty bars and grip strength equipment, etc…
Location: Denver, Colorado

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