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NVSM wk2 Day3-

by on May 15, 2014

So this morning I got up late…. really late…..40min late.  As a result, I was about 20min late to the morning class that I coach (I coach the Crossfits on the side, my main job is a desk job).  Luckily, the clients were still there waiting for me and after about 1.5million apologies, I told them I would do burpees as my penance… they said I should do 45, but I did 50 to show my sincerity…. I’m totally Crossfit now….. After class, I got my trainz on- OH accy.


Close Grip Bench

45×10,  95x2x5reps,  135×5,  165×5,  195×1,  215×1,  235×1,  245×1

255×1 ->easy, used only as an over warm up



1 Arm Adjustable DB Strict Press with Fat Grips

45x2x8reps/arm, 50×8/arm


A1 Incline DB Press 5×10

A2 Incline DB Row 5×10


4rnds 1min ON/1min OFF:  140 Log Pressx5 + OH Walk

This wasn’t programmed, but after watching the vid that Strong Fit posted about Strongman Conditioning, I thought it would be fun to try.  I highly underestimated this complex and, by the last set, I could not hold the log OH for very long.  Next time I try this, I will use a lighter weight.  Shoulders and upper back got fried.

Cool Down: 5min row + Banded distraction Stretching.

New train vidz are up on the Tubez.

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