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Daniel McCarron
1450 S. East River Rd
Montgomery, Il 60538
Phone: 630-862-6271

Davis Speed Center
975 Nimco Dr. Unit M
Crystal Lake IL 60014
Email: or

phone:  224-239-1854
Strongman Equipment

8, 10, and 12 inch Logs

3 sizes of Housafelt Stones

Multiple Axle Bars

Stones from 100-330 lbs

Kegs from 30-360 lbs

Giant Wheel Barrow


Multiple Sets of Farmer Handles

Frame Carry

Car Deadlift Aparratus

Multiple Push/Pull Sleps

Multiple Tires

All kinds of Sandbags from 60-250 lbs and are adjustable to 320 lbs

Duck Walk Implements

Giant Circus Dumbell (Plate Loaded on inside)

2 Plate Loaded Circus dumbell Handles

Multiple Natural Stones

Truck Pull Harness

Multiple Zercher Carry Mock Conan Walk Implements

Then we have the basics:  Squat Racks, Benches, chains, Dumbells, all free weight stuff.  No machines, no treadmills, etc.

Besides Strongman Equipment we are an athlete specific gym.  We specialize in speed, agility, power, explosive movements, athlete specific strength, all the injury prevention, nutrition, etc.  So we have the plyo boxes, Real runnes, Torques, speed and agility equipment, etc.  Half the gym is turf, so there is nothing you can’t do at any time of year.

Be Strong

309-532-9325 (Text Friendly)

1201 E Bell Street – Bloomington, IL 61701

Edge Strength & Conditioning 

Cary, IL

Gym Name: B&W Gym
Website or facebook:
equipment : The description as an “underground dungeon” is spot-on. I included the address and contact info above. Here’s some of the equipment they have:

Yoke, logs, stones, farmers walk handles, axles, circus dumbbell, sleds, Texas power bars, weightlifting bars, bumper plates, safety squat bar, one light tire, monolift, reverse hyper, heavy dumbbells, heavy KB’s.

Since this site is for people getting into strongman, this link might be worth including:
Most of the regulars train together late morning/early afternoon every Saturday.  This would be the perfect time to come for instruction or help from experienced strongman competitors, Olympic lifters, and powerlifters.
Location: 5920 N. Ridge Ave., Chicago, IL,

– Quads Gym –

North side (there’s a south side location too)
Home of Ed Coan; tons of stuff (too much equipment, actually). Owner is PL and SM friendly and is trying to figure out a deal with the neighbors to let us have stones, tires, sled track. Inside, there’s a 10″ log, farmers handles, axles, SSB, tons of texas power bars, and some strong people. EliteFTS GHR and bench, reverse hyper, bumper plates, and one rack has nice eleiko kilo plates.

– Lance’s Gym –

Chicago, South side
Lance Karabel, the powerlifter, owns it. It’s also underground and dungeon-y. He’s got a yoke, log, kegs, axles, and sometimes farmers handles. And he’s always there to help with deadlifting, squatting, etc.

The House
Website or facebook:
equipment : “strongman friendly” gym

The gym is called “the house” located in peoria, illinois. Its a warehouse gym with a bit of exclusive membership “guidelines”. Its located north off pioneer park road in north peoria. It is a well equipped facility with great, enthusiastic, and knowledgable people looking to learn and train hard. Its a diverse group of members with different goals but a well equipped and suited space. Thanks for the time and attention.
Location: Peoria, il

Jakked Hardcore Gym
Website or facebook:
equipment : Fingal Fingers
Husafell Stone
Dumbbells up to 265 lbs
Kegs from 80- 575 lbs (no typo)
5 Slater Circus Dumbells 10+12″
Stones 80-410
Tires 300-800 lbs
Steel Blocks 200-275 lbs
Axles up to 3″
8,10,11,12,13″ Steel Logs
10,11,12 Slater Logs
Car Deadlift Frame
Ship Anchor Chain
Farmers Handles
Sandbags to 275 lbs
Power Stairs
Power Stair implements 215 – 500 lbs
Wine Barrel Casks
Truck Pull Harness
Truck Pull Ropes

Hip lift apparatus
Location: 1450 S.E. River Rd Montgomery Illinois

Quad City Strongman
Website or facebook: http://www.qcstrongman.orgorQuadCityStrongmanonFacebook
equipment : Logs, Yoke, Farmers Handles, Car Deadlift, Atlas Stones, aluminum & concrete Husafel “stones'”, dumb bells 20# to 160#, multiple olympic and axle bars, multiple free weight and cable stations
Location: 21501 Briar Bluff Road, Colona, IL 61241

Golden Age Strength Club
Website or facebook: http://GoldenAgeStrengthClub.com
equipment : We have:

Slater wood log (10 in)
Plate-loadable circus dumbbell
Farmers Handles

In addition, we have squat racks, pullup bars, chains, dumbbell, specialty bars (safety squat, multi-grip, cambered) reverse hyper, GHR, etc.

We have programs for athletes, average joe’s, AND we are one of the only gyms in the midwest that trains for American NInja Warrior. Sporting a 14-ft warped wall, double salmon ladder, and more.
Location: 850 N. DuPage Ave. Lombard, IL 60148

14:23 Training Systems
Website or facebook:
equipment : Large tires,  farmers carries,  axle bar (convertible to chain yoke), kegs (50#-200#), squat racks, olympic barbells, olympic plates (bumper & iron), kettlebells
Location: Romeoville, IL

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