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Jon Alderson 6/30/14 Squat Session

by on July 1, 2014

For those of you that haven’t heard I’m dealing with pretty serious finger injury. After several Dr visits and now therapy I finally have a game plan! Not gonna lie a tear was shed when I realized I will not be able to deadlift until the rom/strength is restored in my finger. That being said I am finally learning to squat!!

Safety Squat Bar (SSB) Speed 8×2 345
Supersetted w
Vertical Jumps 8×3

SSB Paused Squats (2 second pause) 3×5 345

SSB Chain Lunges 2×10

This could quite possibly be the worst exercise ever invented. Our chains are only after 3.5ft long so they never touch the ground during the exercise. As you alternate legs the momentum of the chains requires you to fire every muscle in the body to stay in position. Nothing destroys you like these!!


I will be putting more emphasises on my squat since I cannot pull or do any grip events at the moment. So 600.. Here we come!!!

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