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5/15 Bench

by on May 15, 2014

Overall today was a good day for the blood sugars and training. My blood sugars stayed between 85-138. The CGM has made things a lot easier despite feeling like a robot with two different devices inserted into me. I increased my carb intake and it paid off in feeling more energized and stronger.


1. Close grip bench-5, 5, 5 plus-175, 205, 245×9

2. DB shoulder press-3×15-40s

3A. DB incline press-3×15-50s

3B. DB incline rows-3×15-40s

4. Hammer Curls-3×15-25s

5A. Band pull aparts-3×20-mini

5B. Band push downs-3×50-mini

The kids were in the garage with me this evening. They took some sets on the bench, but mostly rode bikes. It would be nice to have some people to train with, but having my kids with me is better.

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