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Strongman Equipment


Strongman Gear (sleeves/wraps/belts/etc)


Recovery Tools





Womans Tank Top. Available in 6 colors . Just click the picture

Men’s American Appaeral T shirt. Available in 19 different colors! click the picture to buy

Ironmind Sandbag. The only sandbags used at Worlds Strongest man

Rouge Y1 Yoke

Rouge Farmers Walk Handles

Rouge 2″ Axle

Rouge 10″ Log

Slater Stone Molds. Make your own Atlas Stones

Rouge Loading pin

Rouge fat boy sled

Magic carpet sled. it weighs only 4lbs and can be used on any surface. Perfect if you train in a commercial gym.

The Rouge Butcher

Elite Tacky Made by Worlds Strongest Man Competitor Dave Ostlund

Spider Tack

Titan Knee Sleeves

Rehband 7mm knee/elbow sleeves

Never seen a pair of ironmind straps break!

Rehband warm pants

STRONG knee wraps Titan Signature gold

Titan Signature Gold wrist wraps

Fix your mobility issues to fix your lifts

Trigger wheel MUST have for rolling out forearms/chest/shoulders/neck, etc

Gua Sha Tools Scraping Tools Kit with Natural Obsidian

Rumble Roller! You will devolp a love/hate relationship

Mens Spud Deadlift Belt. Great for strongman

Pink Spud Deadlift belt. Slightly smaller than the mens verison good for lots of strongman events

Spud inc 1.5″ lifting straps

Voodoo floss

DMSO is a solvent that really can help with recovery. Please read up on it before using.

Equi-Block. My favorite topical liniment. Super strong

Hot Pink Lotion. Tried and trued

OG sling shoot, done wonders for my tricep strength!

reactive sling shot. Little less help. Best choice for most people

MADDOG 2 ply slingshot. For if you want some serious support and bench over 500lbs

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