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Stone Lifting to Build a Superior Posterior

by on May 24, 2014

Strongman Clay's Strength And Conditioning

Even if your name isn’t Magnus and you don’t have any plans to make a run at the top of the World’s Strongest Man podium, you can still reap the benefits of practicing the penultimate strongman event – the atlas stones.

The origins of lifting a stone for sport come from modest beginnings in different parts of the world, but our knowledge of their history comes from primarily Spain, Scotland, and Ireland. Irish countrysides were littered with stones of different sizes, making it impossible to properly farm the land. In order to grow food, farmers would have to move all the stones by hand. These stones were often moved to the outer edges of the property lines where they were neatly arranged into small walls, separating their neighbor’s parcel from their own.

Some of these larger stones made their way into the landscaping surrounding the farmer’s home as decoration. They…

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