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Ryan Minney
285 Church St
Chillicothe, OH 45601
Phone: 740-701-6437

Ohio Co-Chair:
Chris Vachio
1666 W. Arcadia Ave
Obetz, OH 43207-4408
Phone: 614-270-4613

Slaters Hardware Basement
1141 N. Memorial Dr.
Lancaster OH 43130
Saturday Morning Training

Durniat Strength
Website or facebook:
equipment : 3 Sorinex BaseCamp Racks
Sorinex XL jungle gym
2 Olympic platforms and Eleiko bumpers
Stones from 165 to 430#
Farmers handles and frame
Log and numerous Axles
Sleds (indoors and out)
GHD and Reverse Hyper
Every Grip implement imagined
Multi InchDBs and a Slater MonsterBell
Selectorized Machines and Cardio equipment

We are a full service training center with memberships/day passes/yoga/nutritional counseling/personal training available.

Open: Monday-Friday 7am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm
Location: 3065 East Lincoln Way, Wooster, OH 44691

Titans Gym, Mentor, Ohio
We have everything a strongman could ever want, plus all the luxuries of a more conventional gym.
****note the downtown Cleveland branch DOES NOT have the strongman implements, its just a conventional gym.

 Beyond Limits Training
Website or facebook:
equipment : Rogue Steel Log, Slater True Log 100lbs, Tires up to 620lbs, Farmers handles, 6 squat racks, stones up to 200+ (light but usable), 3 Olympic Platforms, CrossFit Rig, Prowler, Multiple Benches and an upstairs section dedicated to machines.
Location: 294 E Long St, Columbus, Ohio

 Fitness Factory (Antonelli’s Personal Training Systems)
Website or facebook:
equipment : 4 logs, 7 atlas stones 45-337#,8 kegs 40-300#, 4 tires, 3 sets farmers handles, circus dumbbell, yoke, frame, axle, 2 prowlers, full powerlifting gym, full crossfit gym & grappling/kickboxing area.
Phone #; 419-709-9276
Location: Mansfield, Ohio

Website or facebook:
equipment : 2 yokes
65 pound 10″ log
80 pound 8″ log
stones (75-300 pounds)
numerous axles
circus dumbbell (75 pound, loadable)
kegs (60-150)
farmers handles (tall and short)
squat rack
tires up to 800
full crossfit rig
Olympic platform
jerk blocks
misc machines
bumper and steel plates
misc barbells and hex bar

FIRST AND ONLY ASC affiliated gym in the country
Location: 730 bev road, boardman, ohio 44512

Everybodies Gym
Website or facebook:
equipment : I don’t think Dan has an email addy, there isn’t even really a website. Just go there. It’s awesome.
Here is the phone #(440) 286-2982

3 squat racks (one with olympic platform and bumper plates)
2 more olympic platforms
1 deadlift jack
miscellaneous bars
more benches than I can count, incline, decline, flat
3 big ass tires inside
1 enormous tire outside
battle ropes
gymnist hoops
climbing ropes
monkey bars
chin up bars all over the place
cardio stuff that you walk on and ride
the whole gammut of machines, smith machines etc
chalk is allowed

The atmosphere is awesome here. Come in, do what you have to do and leave.
$10 day pass as of 3/2014
Location: 357 Washington St, Chardon, OH 44024


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