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Martin Wieckowski
5461 Milton Ridge DR
Arlington TN, 38002
Phone: 901-380-9438

Kaizen Hybrid Training in Nashville will have everything as well as other athletic training.

Contact Holly Joy McCabe or @Kyle MCCanless.

– Mike’s Iron Mine Training in Greeneville TN run by Mike Nease

Monolift, cambered bar, buffalo bar, thick bars, jump stretch bands, chains, trap bar, 6ft log, kettle bells, atlas stones 100-380lbs with platforms, 400-660lb tires, farmer’s walk implements, yoke, conan’s wheel, kegs, rolling thunder, coc grippers, lots of weight and 5lb-150lb dumbells

Crossfit Memphis
610 Sandridge Road
Memphis TN

Gym Name: NBS Fitness
Website or facebook:
equipment : Yoke, axels, logs, atlas stones, tires, etc. All standard strongman and powerlifting equipment.
Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Catalyst Fitness
Website or facebook:
equipment : Tires, ropes, farmers walks, squat racks, prowler, sandbags, flat benches, incline benches, decline bench, DB from 5 to 120, platform, bumpers, steel logs, plate loaded DB, plate loaded hammer strength equipment, hack, leg press, Icarian selectorized equipment, treadmills, bikes, eliptical, step mill
Location: Hermitage, TN

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