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Scott Brockelman
PO Box 82
Rhome,TX 76078

Lift Strong Run Fast

Website or facebook:
equipment : yoke, kegs, logs, stones, stone loading table, farmers handles, axle bar, fingal finger, conan wheel, tires, circus dumbbell, full power rack, kb, and DB’s. bars, bumpers weights, metal weights, Glute Hamstring Raise machine. flat and incline benches. bands for resistance. sleds.
Location: spring texas

Paramount strength & Conditioning 


Website or facebook:
equipment : Atlas Stones, Stone Platforms, Yoke, Keg, Car Deadlift, Farmers Bars, Log, Sleds, Axle Bar are the items specific to Strongman.  The other items are Power Racks, Squat Cages, Power Bars, Specialty Deadlift Bars, safety squat bar, weightlifting bars, Iron plates, bumper plates, Platforms, pull up bars, reverse hypers, leg press, hack squat, Glut/Ham Developer, Dumbbells, Benches (Flat and Adjustable), Airdynes, Boxes for above/at/below Parallel, Bands for banded lifts…..
Location: Dallas, Texas

Wake Athletics 

501 e. swisher road ,lake dallas TX.

Contact Cris Eldridge  770-686-5690,

log,axle,prowler,yoke,farmers,stones,kegs,sandbags, bars and bumper plates

Metroflex Fort Worth
5501 Thelin Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76115
We have car deadlift, stones, Husafell stone, axle, farmers walk, yoke, etc. We also have everything needed for powerlifting, bodybuilding, etc. You can checkout the tour at

 Hyde Park Gym – Austin
41st and Guadalupe St.

– Houston, TX (greater metro area) -hobbes road on 518 in league city

Any questions pm me or call me [Josh Thigpen] at 832-668-4684.

Metroflex Houston

8150 Westpark Dr Houston, Texas 77063.

Genesis Athletic Performance, Houston TX
(832) 380-5GEN

Gym Name: Kennedale High School
Comment: Tires: 250-800lbs
Log, Axle, Circus DB
Car Deadlift
Sled, Prowlers, etc.

Site of “North Texas Strongest Man”

Bryan Barrett (817) 228-5062
Location: Kennedale, TX

S.L.B. Performance
Website or facebook:
equipment : Yoke, farmers, axle, 12″ log, stones up to 240lbs, tires, 2 power racks, SSB, Texas Power, Squat, and deadlift bars.
Location: Midland, Texas

 Everyday Strongman
Website or facebook:
equipment : Yokes, Stones, Farmers Handles, Sandbags, Kegs, Sleds, Tires and dedicated people.
Location: Austin, TX

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