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The Arnold

The second annual Arnold Strongman Fitness World Championships is behind held in Columbus Ohio as part of the Arnold sports festival. The biggest change this year is the increase in the weight class from 175 to 185lbs and the inclusion of the top 5 200lb strongmen from  American nationals qualifying along with the top 10 175s from nationals..  This page is to give you all the information on the location, events and most of all learn about the athletes that will be competing. If you are an international athlete or are competing not on the page please email me at and I will add your bio.

Day 1 Friday Febuary 28th 8:00AM-1:30PM Greater Columbus Convention Center Hall C

1. Giant DB Clean & Press for Reps – 150lbs Max Reps in 60 seconds

2. Super Yoke – 630lbs 75feet

3. Hussafel stone – 300lbs carry for max distance

4.  Farmers Walk – 250lbs 75ft

5.  Diones Deadly Deadlift – TBA

Top 4 qualify to day 2

Day 2 Sunday March March 2nd 1:30PM- 4:00PM On the Main Stage

6. Log Press – Max weight 3 attempts

7. Atlas Stone – 280lb over a 52″ bar Max Reps in 75 Seconds

The Athletes 

*Chase Karnes*


Height: 5’9”

Weight: 210 at the moment

Log Press: 335

Deadlift: 675

Competition highlights: 

2011 6th Place NAS Nationals LW 200,

2012 2nd Place NAS Nationals LW 200,

2013 4th Place NAS Nationals LW 200,

Favorite Events: Any pressing events, Atlas Stones

Least Favorite:  None

Favorite Food: Pizza, Sushi

*Matt LaCroix*

Height: 5’11”

Weight: Usually 194, have only cut to 175 once besides Nationals

Best log press/deadlift, Etc: Best Log Clean and Press – 295, Deadlift: 505, 350 Stone to 48”, 310 Axle out of the rack for a double

Competition highlights: 3rd at Hardkore Summer show 2012 (Weight classes for this were either <231 or >231). 2nd at Hudson Valley Lift for Autism 2013 in 175 class. 1st at Lightning Fitness Battle of the Thunder Gods III in 200 class. 4th at NAS Nationals 2013 175 class.

Favorite event: Any Pressing event

Least favorite event: Any deadlift event

Favorite food: A huge burger and fries

Where you are from: Originally from Warwick, Rhode Island. Currently live in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Work at and train out of Lightning Fitness in South Windsor, Connecticut.

*Quint Zambon*


















Height: 5’6

Weight: 188

Best log press/deadlift, Etc: Best Log: 300 Best Deadlift: 600

Competition highlights: 2013 Midwest strongest state set National Axle Clean and Press (275). 2013 Won Summerfest Strongman in Milwaukee 200 lb weight class, Won Fuel Fitness Indiana’s Strongest man 2012 at 200 lbs. 2013 Arnold.

Favorite event: Any Overhead Press

Least favorite event: Anyload over 50 inches

Favorite food: Cherry Flavored Pez  


Facebook: and

*Steve Trippe*

 Height: 5’10”

Weight: 188

 Best log press/deadlift, Etc: 260 log, 615 deadlift, 190lb Circus DB

Competition highlights: I’ve competed too many times to talk much about, but the highlight of my career is still competing at the Arnold Classic 2013. Even injured and sick, it’s my best competition memory.

 Favorite event: toss up between yoke and circus DB

 Least favorite event: hussafel carry or any side handle deadlift

Favorite food: Sushi

I’m a nuclear engineer for the US Navy. Also, I once almost killed LW Pro Mike Mastell, but he’s surprisingly agile for a ginger.

*Patrick Castelli*

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 180

Best Deadlift/Log press:  deadlift, low sixs? best log, not sure, less than my pull haha

Competition Highlights: 2013 175lb NAS National Champion

Favorite Event: Yoke or Stones

Least Favorite: that fucking sucky suicide medley we had to do at nationals 2012

Favorite foods: I love all foods….except plain dry chicken, I don’t know how all you fatties cutting weigh do it, that shit’s boring.

within 9 months I was wrestling in the national trounament at 149lbs and then winning NAS nats at 175lbs….as Higa would say, gains brah!

*Tim Kovach* 


Height: 5’8″

Weight: 195

Best log press/deadlift, Etc: Best log 270, Dead lift 615 raw, best single leg bosu ball reverse band squat 225 with red bands

Competition highlights: 2nd place 2013 Strongman fitness World Championships, 3rd place 2012 NAS strongman nationals 175 class. 3 time MN state strongman Champion 200lb weight class

Favorite event: Any dead lift and stones.

Least favorite event:Duck walk

Favorite food: meat and whiskey

I hate socks and shoes and I like to brush my teeth outside.

*Jon Alderson*

BACK SQUAT 500,FRONT 405, DEADLIFT 710, LOG 280, AXLE 280, BENCH 370

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