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John “Sarge” Allen
493 Chicken Coop Rd.
Sequim, WA 98382

Epic Fitness Solutions
Website or facebook:
equipment : Conan’s Wheel/Viking Press Combo, 2 sets top loading farmers with 1.5″ handles and frame attatchments, 1 set horizontal loaded farmers with 2″ handles, 1 7″ thick top loading H-Stone (got a 10″ thick being built), 8″,10″,12″ loadable training logs, official ironmind Apollon’s axle, custome 75lb solid axle bar, 10.5″ Loadable monster DB, 100-700lb giant tires(working on 800lb tire), ironmind sandbags 50lbs-300lbs in 25lb increments, 120ft 1.5″ Manilla rope with S,M,L (0-400lbs) Ironmind Draft Horse pulling harnesses, 2 yokes, stone set 120-400 in 40lb increments with a custom 220 epic stone and 5 custom built stone stands that start from 44″-62″ in height, prowler sled with straight bar and close grip handles, kegs, 2 platforms (indoor/outdoor), rogue bumper plates, Ironmind 2″ Plate Loadable DB’s, 1″ plate Loadable DB’s, rogue/York barbells, ice bath & hot tub, ironmind Vulcan 3 squat rack and custom built Vulcan squat rack, 2,500+ lbs of weights.
Location: 4045 Virginia Ave Springfield Or 97478

233 Strong
equipment : Yoke, farmers carry handles, log, sled, axle bar, squat rack, adjustable dumbbell handles, rower, steel plates, three barbells, a few bumbers, sandbag, and some other random items in my garage. I tend to train by myself.
Location: Grants Pass, oregon

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