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Let Kalle Train You

I Started from very meager beginnings and after 7 years of competing in strongman am now one of the best in the world in my weight class. It was a long hard road to get here but I can help you progress a lot faster than i did.

With experience comes knowledge. A long the way I have tried just about every popular training style/program out there and what I have found is none of them are designed for strongman training so of course none of them work because none are designed for strongman! It is such a varied sport it is very hard to program for but in the past two years I have made such huge improvements I have finally figured it out. My results and the results of my clients that have implemented my methods speak for themselves.

I would like to pass everything I have learned down to you and help you not only accomplish your goals but teach you what goes into a program so you can be self sufficient in the future. I can help you with your physique and nutritional goals as well. After losing 35+lbs to compete in the new 175lb class in 2012 I found how to dial in my diet to not only get lean for the first time in my life but to gain strength in the process and be way stronger than I have ever been! You do not need to be fat to be strong.

from 210+ down to 175 while getting stronger. Hate to burst your bubble but this took 6 months! It takes consistency and patience but I can help get you there too

Pro Strongman Robert Oberst 9th place Worlds Strongest Man 2013, 2nd Place America’s Strongest Man 2013.

When I started strongman Kalle was one of my very first training partners. He taught me a lot about training and technique. I still use things he taught me in my training today. He’s a huge part of my quick rise in this sport and someone I still contact all the time when I need some advice. “

Jon Alderson 4th place Arnold Strongman World Championship Under 175 2013

It is rare to find on athlete on an elite level that is still willing to help a complete stranger that is clueless about what they are doing. About a year and a half ago after watching Kalle’s transformation I sent him a message to ask for advice on cutting weight. Instead of shunning me away since I was fighting to get into the same weight class that he competed in, He offered insights that made the cut possible for me. Then he took it a step further and offered training advice. Taught me the secrets to the car deadlift. I’m not sure what other sport a fellow competitor helps a rival reach their full potential. I guess this is what separates our sport of strongman, and the ultimate ambassador, Kalle Beck,  from the rest of the competition.   

Rodney Miller owner of S.L.B Performance

When I decided to do my first strongman comp I knew I didn’t have a clue about how to train for it. I had been following JTS for awhile and had become aware of Kalle Beck. I contacted Kalle about helping me get ready for my first contest. We talked about events and my current strength levels, then in very short time I had my first week of programming. This wasn’t a cookie cutter program. It was fully customized for my individual strengths and weaknesses. These workouts were tough but I hit a 40lb post-abductor-tear squat PR in a very short time as well as several push press and deadlift PRs. I rolled into the contest stronger than ever. Even after the fact I’ve used the strategies I learned from Kalle in getting ready for my powerlifting meet and I hit a 27lb all time PR in the squat. If you are looking to show up stronger and faster at your next contest you need to contact Kalle.”

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