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John Albrecht
12866 Old Glory Dr.
Fishers, IN 46037

The Hall at ClubFitness24
Website or facebook:
equipment : Honestly everything you can imagine!
Four platforms , 4 squat racks, three sets of plate loaded farmers, oxygen cylinders-308,351,2 yokes, Hercules hold,frame, wheelbarrow, fingals finger, conans wheel, car dead , stones,6 different sized logs, axles, two giant DBS, Viking press, power stairs, reverse hypers, ghr ,bands , chains, med balls ,H-Stone-3, ropes ,rings , concept 2 rower, power runner, kegs, sand bags….., and a full gym next door.
Location: Kokomo Indiana

Core fitness

Website or facebook :
equipment : Anything and Everything you need!  Too much to name!
Location: Mooresville, INDIANA

Powerhouse/24hr –

Kokomo, IN 46902
3040 S Lafountain St

I believe this is the correct address. Right off of US31. It’s Chad gym. Has everything you’d ever want.

 The Rock Indy
Website or facebook: http://facebookTheRock,Indy
equipment : Several stones husafel and atlas
3 logs 8, 10, and 12 inch diameter
2 yokes
3 pairs of farmers
power rack
california rack
ironmind sandbag
texas power bar
2 axles
car deadlift simulator
conans wheel
3 kegs
hammer strength machines
cable stations
2 treadmills
some cardio equipment
lots of dumbbells
24 hour access with membership.
The Rock is strongman and power lifter friendly.
Jerry Kemna is the owner 317-502-1595 he can also be contacted through facebook.
Location: 5335 N Tacoma Ave #24  Indianapolis, IN 46220

 CrossFit Thrive

Website or facebook:
equipment : We have a Log, Stones, Tires, a Yoke, Kegs, Farmer’s handles, Axles, and Prowlers. We also have standard gym equipment. Barbells and Bumpers.
Location: Westfield, IN

 Cottrell’s Fitness Corner
Website or facebook: http://cottrellsfitness.comandafacebookpage
equipment : I have all the normal gym equipment and also have the following strongman type equipment.
-Farmers carry handles
-Yoke carry
-Atlas stones
-5 tires sizes ranging from 225lb to 800lb
-different size sledge hammers
-heavy sand bag carry
-keg filled with water
-Viking press
-axle bar
-12″ pipe log press
I’m always adding more equipment. Due to space we can only use some of these when it’s nice enough to go outside. We use the farmers handles and yoke carry year round and I’m hoping to move more inside for next winter.
Location: Clinton, IN

One Comment
  1. Christina permalink

    Core fitness in mooresville, IN also has a lot of strongman equipment. Some of it has been used at NAS nationals and I believe the Arnold. Check
    It out!!!

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