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New Hampshire


Jim Pierce

64 Newton Dr
Nashua, NH 03063
Phone: 781-962-1922
Website: Granite State Strongman

CrossFit TUFF
Website or facebook:
equipment : We are a fully outfitted strength training facility, there isn’t much we don’t have. Equipment includes all of the below and more:

Standards steel plates, powerlifting bars

Heavy duty lat pulldown/row

Bumper plates and oly bars

Dumbbells up to 120lbs

Heavy and procomp style kettlebells

2 full size safety squat cages with band attachments

Catalyst jerk boxes and squat stands

48ft Sorninex rig with standard and fat bar pullup bars

50 feet of turf with multiple sleds

Tires ranging from 200-1200 lbs

Atlas Stones ranging from 30-400lbs with full size stone platforms

Men and women’s Steel Logs

Competition sized Conan’s wheel

Competition sized Viking Press

Car deadlift

Farmers handles, training and steel tank style

Frame carry apparatus

Fat handled loadable dumbbell

Various sizes of kegs

Various sizes of sandbags

Rolling thunder and several other grip tools

Battle ropes


Harnesses and ropes for vehicle pulling

Multiple variations of medicine balls and slamballs, light to heavy

Climbing ropes

Gymnastic rings and dip stations

XT Suspension trainers
Location: Nashua, NH

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