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5/14/14 Jess – Week 2 Day 2

by on May 14, 2014











I took a long time warming up (socializing). My right hip is tight so hopefully the squatting helped unfrick it.

In case you missed it: My log press 145×4 & Overhead medley x2


1. Deficit Deadlift (2”) 80%  6×3

– 245# – First four sets at deficit, then the last two I went back to the floor because my lower back was feeling tight and I wanted to ensure that I’m engaging my hamstrings.

2. Paused Front Squat 60/70/80%x3 2 count

– 135/155/175 – These actually felt good and strong.

3. Stiff leg deadlifts 4×6

– 140#  small 5# jump from last week…

4. Stone trainer 3×8

– 70# forgot to take a pic

5. GHR 2×8

– no band!

6. planks 2×60


Was a little short on carbs so I had half of a dark choc/speculoos bar. OMG.


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