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Strongman Records

Max Log Press

World Record

American Record


63kg/140lbs: Rachel Pyron 76kg/167lbs

68kg/150lbs: Alanna Casey 95.4kg/210lbs

Heavyweight: Kristin Rhodes 250lbs


80kg/175lbs: Matt Leblanc 127kg/280lbs


105kg/231lbs: Mike Mastell/Sean Demarinis 166kg/365lbs

Heavyweight: Robert Oberst 202.2kg/445lbs


British Record

80kg/175lbs: Shane Jerman 115kg/253lbs
90kg/200lbs: James Ward  165kg/363lbs
105kg/231lbs: Graham Hicks 172.5kg/379.5lbs
Heavyweight: Paul Cater 195kg

Danish Record

Heavyweight: Mikkel Leicht  192.5kg/423.5lbs

Norwegian Record 

80kg/175lbs:  Lars Erik Gran 110kg/242lbs
90kg/200lbs: Sebastian Farmen 161kg/354.2lbs
105kg/231lbs: Sebastian Farmen 161kg/354.2lbs
Heavyweight:  Bjørn Andre Solvang 409.2lbs 


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