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5/12/14 Jess – Week 2 Day 1

Woohoo! My leave is approved and that means I get to stay in California another month to train with Kalle!!!  This is week two of the six weeks we have to get me ready for Rocky Mountain’s Strongest Man show on June 21st. I’ll be in Denver about a week before so I can adjust to the altitude AND hang out with my friend Stephen, who is taking over a CrossFit gym there so I’ll be able to train with him!…hopefully there’s no snow.

On to training… log press is feeling better for two reasons. I’m eating more and I’m timing my breaths better. That first rep on the clean though I always get a little woooozy.


1. Log up to a 5RM

– 115/125/135/145(for 4)

2. Medley 115/135 max reps in 40 seconds

– 2 reps + 1 clean log, 2 reps on axle


3.Medley 115/135 max reps in 75 seconds

– 3 reps each


4a. Pull ups 4×5

4b. Face pulls 4×15 red band


5. Zydrunas Press 3×6

– 95#! Last reps were a little stuck but I LOVE Z PRESSES. Need that core work.


Thank you again Kalle for helping me out and letting me be a part of Starting Strongman! Maybe one day we could all train together.  Rest day for Tuesday.


5/12 The Log and My Son


My 2 and a half year old was with me in the garage today while training. We have a lot of fun goofing around between sets. Today he thought it was funny to break up the chalk and drive a toy truck through it.

Blood sugars have been great the last two days. Low carb and a continuos glucose monitor is making a big difference. I am using Glycofuse or glucose while I train and Glycofuse afterwards. It will spike my blood sugar for about an hour, but the rest of the evening is great.


log press 3×5-205, 175, 175 – I need to go much lighter and get used to this movement.

strict log press 3×8-115, 125, 135

pull ups 3×5 with an extra 53 pounds

face pulls 3×20-becoming one of my favorites

3 direction shoulder raises 1×20

curls 3×20 with barbell

band push downs 3×50



5/12/14 Jon Alderson Shreveport Plat+ Training

Tonight was the first prep training session for Shreveport. Gotta shove a ton of work into the next 2 weeks.

Squats 135×5 225×5 315×5 365×2

405×2 beltless pause squats ( somewhere around 7 seconds each)

455×2 beltless pause squats (2 second pause) this was a beltless pr

135×50 squat

240 stone to 58, 150 sandbag to 52, 150 keg to 48, 250 sandbag to 42

240 stone to 63, 150 sandbag to 58, 150 keg to 52, 250 sandbag to 48, 210 keg to 42. (Video)

Ghr 45lb plate x10
Body weight x15 x15

5/12/14 Weekly Strongman Contest Videos !

NSM Wk2 Day1

First, congrats to #thealderson for winning St Louis Strongest Man this past weekend.  Maybe one day I can deadlift like he can.

On a different note, I went to a new chiropractor last week.  After x-rays and an initial exam, it turns out that I have a bunch of issues.  Specifically, my left scapula does not move properly, my pelvis is crooked (causing my spine to be crooked and I have subluxations and slight bone degeneration in my C-Spine.  The Dr. thinks that most of the stuff can be fixed, but the C-Spine is of some concern.  I bring this up for 1 main reason- CHOOSE A DR. THAT UNDERSTANDS YOUR GOALS AND IS WILLING TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE THEM.

I have been seeing a chiro 1x/month for years and, because of this, I thought that I was in good health.  Obviously, I was wrong.  The problem with my old chiro was that he did not understand my journey of meatheadedness.  Every time I had minor injuries that I accrued through lifting, he always told me not to do it and to lift ‘light weight for reps’.  Thus, I stopped telling him about anything related to lifting.  He wasn’t a bad guy, he just didn’t understand my pursuits.  Luckily, my new chiro understands.  In the 90’s he trained at the Olympic Training Center for weightlifting.  He was there during Shane Hammond’s and Mark Henry’s Olympic training until he got injured too bad to continue training.  He’s also worked with former WSM competitors and various high level athletes of all sorts, so I’m hoping that I can work out the financials to see him often enough to make quality progress.

Trainz: Note that I am trying to get my OH up to Kalle’s level.  It is an area that I need a lot of work on, so the pressing volume is higher right now.  Unfortunately, the C-spine and scapula issues don’t help……

Axle Push Press out of the rack










Axle Strict Press out of rack

95×19, 95×12, 95×10


A1 Pull Up +32# 3×8

A2 Face Pulls 3×20


Z-Press 95×8, 105x2x8reps


Conditioning-  5 Rnds: 200m row+10 burpees

5ish minutes??? I didn’t keep track….. crossfit??????… crossFAT???????


Later: Shoulder accy and the gun show.




#thealderson 2014 St Louis Strongest Man Writeup

After the Arnold, I had lost sight of my true love…. Strongman… Putting most of my focus into training for a powerlifting meet left me cold, bitter, and stagnant. April 23rd I decided to send in my entry for St. Louis Strongest Man. Do to various injuries I wasn’t able to train for some of the events but in strongman if you’re not injured you aren’t trying hard enough!

The cut- I’ve accustomed myself to extreme weight cuts over the last couple years. Anywhere from 27 to 19lbs in 3-4 days has been the norm. For this weekend’s contest, I was only 202lb needing to make weight at 200. Thursday I ate low carb and cut off water late that night. I woke up at 199lbs on my scale. Official weight was 198lbs. (and I’ve shrunk… how am I 5’8” Jared??????)

Had an early start Saturday morning with Fox 2 News out of St Louis. 2 fellow women’s competitors, Mike Sidwell, and I demonstrated several of the events for the news team. Props to Jared for trying to get the sport out on the main stream! ]

Event 1: 225lb Sandbag 230lb Farmer Medley
This was a nice change of pace from pressing always being the first event. I have been dealing with a finger injury so I was worried about grip strength on the farmers but all excuses are left at the door once the competition starts! Off the pick of the sandbag I fumble the bag and had to re-pick. This mistake cost me the event win. My grip sustained through the farmers walk for a time of 19.41 seconds. Good enough for 2nd.

Event 2: 210 Log Clean and Press for Reps
I knew I had my work cut out for me after the medley. Watching the other competitors hit 4, 5, and 6 reps with the log I knew I would have to push myself. The first 3 reps felt great. The 4th rep I stumbled back after the clean. I regained my composure and completed 5 more reps for a total of 8 and the event win.

Event 3: 600lb Yoke Squat
Shawn Nevels set the bar at 29 reps right before my heat… And the rep fest began. One the first rep my feet were too far out in front causing me to fall backward after the rep. I centered myself and got into a rhythm. Busted out the next 22 reps fairly easy. Then the lights went out… The yoke came down slightly off centered. The back of the runners hit the ground first, this sent the cross bar on a collision course with the base of my head. I remember being on my hands and good ole’ Mike Sidewell yelling at me to get up and finish the event! So I hopped up and cranked out 2 more reps.

Event 4: 425lb Deadlift for Reps
When the First Lady of Strongman, Dione Wessels, tells you that you better not lose the deadlift it stokes the fire just a little bit hotter. We found out the event was no longer a medley and just for reps, this was ok with me. I was sitting in first so I had to watch all my competitors go. I was pacing like a Lion ready to devour his next meal. Again, Nevels set the bar high (no pun intended) with 19 reps. I knew what I had to do. The first rep came up like butter. Then I used the touch and go technique to my benefit smashing out 20 reps in 30 seconds for the event win.

Jared McGowan put on an excellent show. It was ran efficiently with over 80 competitors! Look forward to defending my title as St Louis Strongest Man next year!

5/10/14 Deadlifts and Control


So this training session ended my first full week back to training. I normally go low carb to help control the blood sugars, but this day was much different. I learned my lesson because my numbers were up and down all day.


1. Dead lifts 5×2 @85%-475#

2. Yoke walk 80ft 3 runs @500#

3. Backwards sled drags 60ft worked up to 500#

My blood sugars were good going into training and post as well. The problem came when I went nuts with some powdered donuts a few hours later. I was not expecting the training to lower the blood sugars as they did. My lesson was learned.image


5/10/2014 Jess – Week 1 Day 4

Friday was a rest day so I took full advantage with my friend who was visiting from Michigan.  We went hiking around the hills of Carmel Valley, CA. I found a baby duckling that Kalle almost stepped on, and I got to play with my favorite American bulldog and his mini-horse best friend.  Good recovery day!  I was looking forward to training events on Saturday and the weather here is amazing for being #jackedntan.



1. Back Squat speed work 135# 3×10

– working on breathing technique and being fast out of the bottom

2. Yoke 50’ up a heavy but fast run

–  210/240/290 – averaged 8 second runs; felt pretty good

3. Stone over 52” until fatigue

– not sure how many  stones I did, maybe 10, just to work on full extension to get it to pop off my chest at the top. Unfortunately, I should probably put the bar a few inches higher to really challenge myself. Lame 🙂


I totally love the opportunity to work with Kalle as well as with the other SS athletes;  Jon, Robert, and Jeffrey!  All of you guys inspire me to do better.

My Intro and Why?


My name is Jeffrey Huet. I have only been training for strongman for a few months. I have been lucky enough to have Kalle handle my training. I have two children and a very supportive and loving wife. I am an elementary school teacher. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12 in 1991.

Growing up my parents never let me being diabetic get in the way of dreams and goals. Growing I played basketball, soccer, lacrosse and football. I ended playing small college football. I always wondered if I could have done more if I weren’t diabetic. My goals are to bring awareness to type 1 diabetes and break the perception of what a diabetic is.

Two weeks ago I competed in the NorCal Strongman Championships are finished in 2nd place in the 201-231 division. I was pleased with my placing and how things went. More importantly, I raised $1,215 for the JDRF.

I have found that heavy lifting, moving fast and making smart food choices have wonderful benefits for my control of my disease. Each training session I am working to improve, but the true goal is to BREAK DIABETES!

May 9th training:
close grip bench 3×5+(175, 205, 245×8)
seated shoulder press 3×15(40s)
incline db bench 3×15(40s)
incline db rows 3×15(40s)
hammer curls 3×15(25s)
pull aparts 3×20(mini)
press downs 2×50(mini)
pre training blood sugar:149
post training blood sugar: 123
Ways to contact me:
Instagram- @breakingdiabetes

Who We Be

First of all, HUGE thanks to Kalle for asking me to keep my log here and for everything he is doing for the sport.

I suppose I should introduce myself…. My name is Robert Lira.  I currently live in Ca with my beautiful wife and 2yr old daughter.  I first started lifting in my early 20’s when one of my best friends was trying to lose some weight.  Up until then, I had extremely minimal experience with the iron (or any other sports for that matter).  I played baseball until about the 5th grade and I wrestled my 8th grade year.  I dabbled with the iron during my freshman year of high school, but I didn’t stick with it because is wasn’t seeing the gainz that others saw….

Back then, I was a super skinny guy and insecure guy.  In elementary school, I was picked on a lot and it shattered my self esteem.  As a result, I didn’t have enough confidence in myself to go out for sports in High School.  At the same time, I weighed roughly 100lbs when I entered High School and graduated weighing about 135lbs (for reference I’m 5’8″).  Heck, when I got married over 7 years ago, I was weighting roughly 155lbs (and that was after I had begun picking things up and putting them down).  Once I got into college, things changed.

It was roughly my Sophmore year in college when I started a band with some of my best friends (I play drums).  We sucked horribly bad at first…. really bad…… but we ended up staying together for several years.  As we got better, we started playing shows all over Ca pretty much every weekend and booked a few tours.  The first couple tours were just the West Coast, but the last tour we did was to Kansas and back.  During this time, we started to get serious interest from labels, but things didn’t work out.  A few of the guys in the band were not ready for living a van with 4 other dudes for weeks and months on end.  I wasn’t one of those guys.  I thought the tour life was great and I loved meeting new people and playing music every night in a different city. So many great memories over the years…….

After the band dissolved, I ended up picking things up and putting them down more and more.  I bought the magazines, bought the sups, followed the routines and chased the pump to the ‘T’ for a long time.  Then I read ‘Beyond Brawn’ and ‘531’ and my perspectives changed a lot.  I really started to get into powerlifting and drove a looong way to train with a team (1hr to work, 1hr to train then 1hr home x 3days/wk).  A few months after my last meet (Nov 2011), I had my daughter (Feb 2012) and I could no longer make the long trip to train.  After my last meet, I realized the powerlifting really wasn’t my thing and started to wonder what to train for.  Then I found Kalle on a T-Nation forum, started to stalk him and realized that strongman had weight classes.

I contacted Kalle and asked if I could train with him on a Saturday- without hesitation he said ‘yes’- the only problem is that I contacted him a few weeks before my daughter was born.  Once I settled into being a new father, I contacted Kalle and finally met up with him and have been training for strongman ever since.  Kalle and I have become good friends and he has helped me learn a ton about strongman and training.  He has also been handling my programming since roughly Nov 2013.  I competed in my first strongman contest in Sept 2013 and I recently placed 2nd at Nor Ca Strongest Man (4/26/14).  Even though I do not have very much experience with the sport, I really enjoy it.  I’ve met a bunch of great people, made good friends and look forward to future contests.

Currently, I’m training for Northern Nevada’s Strongest Man in August where I hope to qualify for Nationals and compete in the 175lb (currently walk around 185-190lbs).  My ultimate goal is to compete at the Arnold- set those goals high.

I forgot to mention that I also compete in MAS (something I got into thanks to strongman).  My first experience with it was after my first strongman comp back in Sept and I have competed in it several times since- including at the LA Fit Expo (2nd place).  There will be a big competition in July at the SJ Fit Expo that I hope to compete in as winners qualify for international competition.

Now to the trainz……







445x 5x2reps (belted up after 2nd set. all sets hook grip)


14″ Deadlift, 30 sec AMRAP

365x 2x18reps


52″ Stone Over Bar, 30 sec AMRAP

245×3 , 245×4


You can stalk me on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE (@mrbls86)



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