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Sam McMahon
Bayside, WI
Phone: 414-708-3989

Fords Gym


Website or facebook:
equipment : Tires, Stones, Logs, Farmer carry handles, logs, and much more.
Location: 2114 Winnebago Street Madison, WI 5370

CrossFit Milwaukee 


Ben Holstine (

Brickyard Gym:

The website doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s a good gym with a good mix of powerlifters and strongmen. In fact, every September, the owner puts on a non-sanctioned, low level strongman competition.

Animal House:

Winner’s Edge Sports Performance
W229 N590 Foster Court, Suite D
Waukesha, WI 53186
Roughly 3000 sq. ft. facility, powerlifter and strongman friendly (in fact, it’s what we prefer!) Plenty of racks, benches and essentials, 3 logs (10″ and a pair of 12″), two axles, stones from 170 to 430 lbs., two tires (one about 500ish, one about 650-700ish), two sets of farmer’s handles, circus DB, yoke, tons of grip toys, cambered bars, bands, chains, Prowlers, sleds, etc. A handful of Hammer Strength plate-loaded machine stuff to line the outside walls of the astroturf room, not to mention about 2000 lbs. in bumper plates (in additon to about 3000 lbs. in other plates) for those who like ’em.

Boddy Shoppe
Owner/Manager: Mike Gilbertsen / Tom Laiken
Address: 1024 North 12th Street
City: Sheboygan
State/Province/Country: WI
Zip: 53081
Phone Number: 920-207-1767

Madtown Fitness
Website or facebook:
equipment : Owner: Dan Pasholk

Farmer’s/Frame Handles, 10″ and 12″ log, yoke, stones from 120 to 350, axle, tires from 300 to 650 pounds, 250 pound H-stone, two kegs, swiss bar, multiple other specialty bars, Forza bench, Monolift, Elite FTS GHR, multiple Hammer Strength machines, multiple squat racks, olympic weightlifting platform.  Basically, go here if you’re in Madison
Location: Madison, WI

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