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5/12/14 Jess – Week 2 Day 1

by on May 13, 2014

Woohoo! My leave is approved and that means I get to stay in California another month to train with Kalle!!!  This is week two of the six weeks we have to get me ready for Rocky Mountain’s Strongest Man show on June 21st. I’ll be in Denver about a week before so I can adjust to the altitude AND hang out with my friend Stephen, who is taking over a CrossFit gym there so I’ll be able to train with him!…hopefully there’s no snow.

On to training… log press is feeling better for two reasons. I’m eating more and I’m timing my breaths better. That first rep on the clean though I always get a little woooozy.


1. Log up to a 5RM

– 115/125/135/145(for 4)

2. Medley 115/135 max reps in 40 seconds

– 2 reps + 1 clean log, 2 reps on axle


3.Medley 115/135 max reps in 75 seconds

– 3 reps each


4a. Pull ups 4×5

4b. Face pulls 4×15 red band


5. Zydrunas Press 3×6

– 95#! Last reps were a little stuck but I LOVE Z PRESSES. Need that core work.


Thank you again Kalle for helping me out and letting me be a part of Starting Strongman! Maybe one day we could all train together.  Rest day for Tuesday.


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