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#thealderson 2014 St Louis Strongest Man Writeup

by on May 12, 2014

After the Arnold, I had lost sight of my true love…. Strongman… Putting most of my focus into training for a powerlifting meet left me cold, bitter, and stagnant. April 23rd I decided to send in my entry for St. Louis Strongest Man. Do to various injuries I wasn’t able to train for some of the events but in strongman if you’re not injured you aren’t trying hard enough!

The cut- I’ve accustomed myself to extreme weight cuts over the last couple years. Anywhere from 27 to 19lbs in 3-4 days has been the norm. For this weekend’s contest, I was only 202lb needing to make weight at 200. Thursday I ate low carb and cut off water late that night. I woke up at 199lbs on my scale. Official weight was 198lbs. (and I’ve shrunk… how am I 5’8” Jared??????)

Had an early start Saturday morning with Fox 2 News out of St Louis. 2 fellow women’s competitors, Mike Sidwell, and I demonstrated several of the events for the news team. Props to Jared for trying to get the sport out on the main stream! ]

Event 1: 225lb Sandbag 230lb Farmer Medley
This was a nice change of pace from pressing always being the first event. I have been dealing with a finger injury so I was worried about grip strength on the farmers but all excuses are left at the door once the competition starts! Off the pick of the sandbag I fumble the bag and had to re-pick. This mistake cost me the event win. My grip sustained through the farmers walk for a time of 19.41 seconds. Good enough for 2nd.

Event 2: 210 Log Clean and Press for Reps
I knew I had my work cut out for me after the medley. Watching the other competitors hit 4, 5, and 6 reps with the log I knew I would have to push myself. The first 3 reps felt great. The 4th rep I stumbled back after the clean. I regained my composure and completed 5 more reps for a total of 8 and the event win.

Event 3: 600lb Yoke Squat
Shawn Nevels set the bar at 29 reps right before my heat… And the rep fest began. One the first rep my feet were too far out in front causing me to fall backward after the rep. I centered myself and got into a rhythm. Busted out the next 22 reps fairly easy. Then the lights went out… The yoke came down slightly off centered. The back of the runners hit the ground first, this sent the cross bar on a collision course with the base of my head. I remember being on my hands and good ole’ Mike Sidewell yelling at me to get up and finish the event! So I hopped up and cranked out 2 more reps.

Event 4: 425lb Deadlift for Reps
When the First Lady of Strongman, Dione Wessels, tells you that you better not lose the deadlift it stokes the fire just a little bit hotter. We found out the event was no longer a medley and just for reps, this was ok with me. I was sitting in first so I had to watch all my competitors go. I was pacing like a Lion ready to devour his next meal. Again, Nevels set the bar high (no pun intended) with 19 reps. I knew what I had to do. The first rep came up like butter. Then I used the touch and go technique to my benefit smashing out 20 reps in 30 seconds for the event win.

Jared McGowan put on an excellent show. It was ran efficiently with over 80 competitors! Look forward to defending my title as St Louis Strongest Man next year!

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