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NSM Wk2 Day1

by on May 12, 2014

First, congrats to #thealderson for winning St Louis Strongest Man this past weekend.  Maybe one day I can deadlift like he can.

On a different note, I went to a new chiropractor last week.  After x-rays and an initial exam, it turns out that I have a bunch of issues.  Specifically, my left scapula does not move properly, my pelvis is crooked (causing my spine to be crooked and I have subluxations and slight bone degeneration in my C-Spine.  The Dr. thinks that most of the stuff can be fixed, but the C-Spine is of some concern.  I bring this up for 1 main reason- CHOOSE A DR. THAT UNDERSTANDS YOUR GOALS AND IS WILLING TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE THEM.

I have been seeing a chiro 1x/month for years and, because of this, I thought that I was in good health.  Obviously, I was wrong.  The problem with my old chiro was that he did not understand my journey of meatheadedness.  Every time I had minor injuries that I accrued through lifting, he always told me not to do it and to lift ‘light weight for reps’.  Thus, I stopped telling him about anything related to lifting.  He wasn’t a bad guy, he just didn’t understand my pursuits.  Luckily, my new chiro understands.  In the 90’s he trained at the Olympic Training Center for weightlifting.  He was there during Shane Hammond’s and Mark Henry’s Olympic training until he got injured too bad to continue training.  He’s also worked with former WSM competitors and various high level athletes of all sorts, so I’m hoping that I can work out the financials to see him often enough to make quality progress.

Trainz: Note that I am trying to get my OH up to Kalle’s level.  It is an area that I need a lot of work on, so the pressing volume is higher right now.  Unfortunately, the C-spine and scapula issues don’t help……

Axle Push Press out of the rack










Axle Strict Press out of rack

95×19, 95×12, 95×10


A1 Pull Up +32# 3×8

A2 Face Pulls 3×20


Z-Press 95×8, 105x2x8reps


Conditioning-  5 Rnds: 200m row+10 burpees

5ish minutes??? I didn’t keep track….. crossfit??????… crossFAT???????


Later: Shoulder accy and the gun show.




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