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Who We Be

by on May 9, 2014

First of all, HUGE thanks to Kalle for asking me to keep my log here and for everything he is doing for the sport.

I suppose I should introduce myself…. My name is Robert Lira.  I currently live in Ca with my beautiful wife and 2yr old daughter.  I first started lifting in my early 20’s when one of my best friends was trying to lose some weight.  Up until then, I had extremely minimal experience with the iron (or any other sports for that matter).  I played baseball until about the 5th grade and I wrestled my 8th grade year.  I dabbled with the iron during my freshman year of high school, but I didn’t stick with it because is wasn’t seeing the gainz that others saw….

Back then, I was a super skinny guy and insecure guy.  In elementary school, I was picked on a lot and it shattered my self esteem.  As a result, I didn’t have enough confidence in myself to go out for sports in High School.  At the same time, I weighed roughly 100lbs when I entered High School and graduated weighing about 135lbs (for reference I’m 5’8″).  Heck, when I got married over 7 years ago, I was weighting roughly 155lbs (and that was after I had begun picking things up and putting them down).  Once I got into college, things changed.

It was roughly my Sophmore year in college when I started a band with some of my best friends (I play drums).  We sucked horribly bad at first…. really bad…… but we ended up staying together for several years.  As we got better, we started playing shows all over Ca pretty much every weekend and booked a few tours.  The first couple tours were just the West Coast, but the last tour we did was to Kansas and back.  During this time, we started to get serious interest from labels, but things didn’t work out.  A few of the guys in the band were not ready for living a van with 4 other dudes for weeks and months on end.  I wasn’t one of those guys.  I thought the tour life was great and I loved meeting new people and playing music every night in a different city. So many great memories over the years…….

After the band dissolved, I ended up picking things up and putting them down more and more.  I bought the magazines, bought the sups, followed the routines and chased the pump to the ‘T’ for a long time.  Then I read ‘Beyond Brawn’ and ‘531’ and my perspectives changed a lot.  I really started to get into powerlifting and drove a looong way to train with a team (1hr to work, 1hr to train then 1hr home x 3days/wk).  A few months after my last meet (Nov 2011), I had my daughter (Feb 2012) and I could no longer make the long trip to train.  After my last meet, I realized the powerlifting really wasn’t my thing and started to wonder what to train for.  Then I found Kalle on a T-Nation forum, started to stalk him and realized that strongman had weight classes.

I contacted Kalle and asked if I could train with him on a Saturday- without hesitation he said ‘yes’- the only problem is that I contacted him a few weeks before my daughter was born.  Once I settled into being a new father, I contacted Kalle and finally met up with him and have been training for strongman ever since.  Kalle and I have become good friends and he has helped me learn a ton about strongman and training.  He has also been handling my programming since roughly Nov 2013.  I competed in my first strongman contest in Sept 2013 and I recently placed 2nd at Nor Ca Strongest Man (4/26/14).  Even though I do not have very much experience with the sport, I really enjoy it.  I’ve met a bunch of great people, made good friends and look forward to future contests.

Currently, I’m training for Northern Nevada’s Strongest Man in August where I hope to qualify for Nationals and compete in the 175lb (currently walk around 185-190lbs).  My ultimate goal is to compete at the Arnold- set those goals high.

I forgot to mention that I also compete in MAS (something I got into thanks to strongman).  My first experience with it was after my first strongman comp back in Sept and I have competed in it several times since- including at the LA Fit Expo (2nd place).  There will be a big competition in July at the SJ Fit Expo that I hope to compete in as winners qualify for international competition.

Now to the trainz……







445x 5x2reps (belted up after 2nd set. all sets hook grip)


14″ Deadlift, 30 sec AMRAP

365x 2x18reps


52″ Stone Over Bar, 30 sec AMRAP

245×3 , 245×4


You can stalk me on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE (@mrbls86)



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