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My Intro and Why?

by on May 9, 2014

My name is Jeffrey Huet. I have only been training for strongman for a few months. I have been lucky enough to have Kalle handle my training. I have two children and a very supportive and loving wife. I am an elementary school teacher. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12 in 1991.

Growing up my parents never let me being diabetic get in the way of dreams and goals. Growing I played basketball, soccer, lacrosse and football. I ended playing small college football. I always wondered if I could have done more if I weren’t diabetic. My goals are to bring awareness to type 1 diabetes and break the perception of what a diabetic is.

Two weeks ago I competed in the NorCal Strongman Championships are finished in 2nd place in the 201-231 division. I was pleased with my placing and how things went. More importantly, I raised $1,215 for the JDRF.

I have found that heavy lifting, moving fast and making smart food choices have wonderful benefits for my control of my disease. Each training session I am working to improve, but the true goal is to BREAK DIABETES!

May 9th training:
close grip bench 3×5+(175, 205, 245×8)
seated shoulder press 3×15(40s)
incline db bench 3×15(40s)
incline db rows 3×15(40s)
hammer curls 3×15(25s)
pull aparts 3×20(mini)
press downs 2×50(mini)
pre training blood sugar:149
post training blood sugar: 123
Ways to contact me:
Instagram- @breakingdiabetes

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